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Higher yields and improved quality of food and cash crops.

Protect The Environment

Reduced need for water and pesticides in food production.


More efficient, balanced, and environmentally sustainable fertilization.

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Ligno OU sells fertilizers and growth promoters  under the trademark iGrow.

It is a product of accelerated humification of modified lignosulfonate or lignin. The fertilizer also consists of fulvic acids and other trace elements.

The unique combination of substances is what makes this flowering stimulant so effective. Unlike other fertilizers, it is not a physical mixture of nutrients. Rather, it is a molecular blend that can easily be absorbed by plants. The addition of organic components makes uptake even more effective.

Curious about the numbers?

The concentration of iGrow active substances is high at 900 g/kg. This results in a low consumption rate (100-150 g/ha in dry powder form).

Company / Mission

Ligno OU

Ligno OU is an Estonian company that was founded in 2014. We specialize in the production of innovative agrochemicals.

Specifically, the company caters to the industrial agricultural sector. 

We strive to create products that:
  • Are environmentally-friendly
  • Increase the quality and quantity of production
  • Are easy to use alongside common farming practices

Ligno OÜ / iGrow

Take your farming to the next level 

Ligno OU's iGrow is just what you need. This made of modified lignin fertilizers are unlike any other plant growth stimulant.

The unique and effective formula is readily accessible to plants, and it can increase both the quantity and quality of your production.

iGrow / For food and cash crops

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Farmers rely on iGrow. They tout it as one of the best plant growth biostimulant on the market.

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iGrow / Apllication

How to use

You will need to do 1 seed treatment and 2-4 foliar treatments for complete crop treatment.

Seed treatment

(AKA seed dressing) occurs just before the seed is planted. It gives the crop a good foundation from the get-go.

When you use iGrow for seed treatment, you will improve germination rates and increase overall plant stand. 

Foliar Treatment

Just as important as seed treatment is foliar treatment.
Foliar treatment involves applying a plant growth stimulant to the leaves. The plant absorbs the substance through its stomata and epidermis.  

With our product, foliar treatment is quick and effective. Hemp plants easily absorb the ingredients and develop improved nutrient systems. This results in less energy spent on feeding and longer lifespans.

Use in Tandem with Standard Fertilizers

For best results, you should use our product in combination with your standard fertilizers.

It is easy to incorporate into existing practices and creates a sort of synergistic effect.

iGrow / Features

Benefits of iGrow

iGrow offers many benefits. One of the most compelling is that it increases the quality and quantity of production.

Testing has proved that our fertilizer:

  • Improves the plant's natural immunity
  • Relieves abiotic stress caused by pesticide treatments
  • Enhances root formation and growth of green mass
  • Makes photosynthesis up to 40% more efficient
  • Increases overall yield by 10-35%

With iGrow, you can offer your customers top-quality products.

Other benefits include: 

It's Environmentally Friendly

Too much of fertilizers can lead to negative environmental consequences. Problems that can stem from overusing fertilizers include runoff and erosion and the contamination of water supplies.

Luckily, iGrow is different. Like all of our products, it is environmentally friendly and can reduce the consumption rate of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Using it will contribute to a greener world.

It's Easy to Use

Our fertilizer is one of the simplest products out there. Seed and foliar treatments are easy and require just a few steps.
All you have to do is log on to our official website and order iGrow. Expect these crop improving benefits when it arrives!
Best of all, you won't have to alter your existing operation. 

This is because we designed iGrow to work with common farming practices. It will act alongside standard fertilizers to yield the best results.
When you purchase iGrow, know that you will be maximizing production with no disruption to your current operation.  

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If you are wondering how to increase the productivity of your farm, you have found the answer. iGrow is one of the most effective yield improvement products in the industry.

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